Building a New Office for Jennifer Shaw Music!

Nathan and Toby start the demolition

The original porch, junk and all.

Lost the walls and screens

Trying to keep the roof from falling

Studs going in

Starting to take shape

We have a door!


Our new entryway, almost done.

Our new office, ready for desks and African art.

Okay, so I know most people never really think about where a music ministry lives, but mine lives, ahem, in my dining room. Or what was a dining room. It has been covered with paper and printers and computers and office paraphernalia for oh, about, six years. My son has never seen the table top. Last year, my husband took a new job (his main client is Sesame Street, how cool is that?) and it’s remote, so he works at home. In the dining room. Here with me.

I love my husband. We get along really well, actually. But it’s getting harder and harder to run away from each other with our laptops in hand whenever we’re both on the phone at the same time, and it’s hard on our phone calling and our kids that we don’t have doors on this dining room. So we decided it’s time to remodel the porch and make an actual office with a new entry way while we’re at it. Crazy.

Been working on it all spring. The plan was to get in there before the kids got out of school for the summer, but alas, with the book project and everything going on, it didn’t happen. But hey, it will be done eventually, and it will be fabulous! We’re going to decorate it with the art we brought back from Africa. Thought you’d enjoy some pictures. 🙂

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  1. Katie says:

    wow, this looks incredible! can’t believe it’s the same place!

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