Back to Florida!

Covenant Village in Plantation, FL

This weekend I made a very quick trip down to Florida for some ministry. It was my kids’ first week back at school, so I wanted to keep it as short and sweet as possible – there are always a million details to take care of at this time of year!

I flew into Ft. Lauderdale and was at Covenant Village. They have an annual Chaplain Walter and Esther Johnson Memorial Concert, and I was privileged to be with them this year for it. I did a short concert in the afternoon in the rehab center for the people who couldn’t make it down for the concert, and then a full concert that night. I met some amazing people, chaplains at the village, people from a church I’ve been to several times down there, retired missionaries, just wonderful people. The family of God is a lot of fun!

Thanks for having me, looking forward to seeing you all again!

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