Amazing weekend in Michigan

Forest Park Covenant Church in Muskegon

Beginning of Chapel at Portage Lake Bible Camp

Well, I am absolutely exhausted, but this was one amazing and wonderful weekend in Michigan! Apparently I pretty much forgot my camera, though, which is so unlike me. So only a few pictures, but that is no reflection on the weekend.

On Thursday, my mom and I drove up to Muskegon and we got to stay with Wally and Donna Coots. Wally is one of the pastors at Forest Park Covenant Church in Muskegon, which is where I did a concert on Thursday night, BUT the reason I was so excited to see them again is that Wally and Donna were missionaries to Kenya for many years, and they are the reason we got to go, AND they were our hosts for about half our time in Kenya. They are amazing, and it was so, so good to see them again and to hear about their ministry in the US now, and catch up on their lives.

That night I did a concert at Forest Park, which is a great church. I was with them about three years ago for their worship service as well. We had a great time hanging out with the music pastor, Chris, afterward as well (hi, Chris!).

The next morning, mom and I got up and drove to the big, bustling metropolis of Onekama, Michigan. We got a little lost in there, but eventually we found Portage Lake Bible Camp where I was speaking on Esther for their women’s retreat and also leading worship for the weekend. I was also up here three years ago when I did a retreat with Ruth Hill, the women’s ministries director for the Evangelical Covenant denomination – she was the speaker, and I was the worship leader. These were some of the coolest ladies I have met anywhere, and I was just psyched to be back with them!

The weekend did not disappoint. There were women there from churches all over Michigan, many of whom I had met at concerts I’d done at their home churches. We talked about God’s plan to use us wherever He has placed us as we looked at the book of Esther. The staff of that camp is awesome, and they just bent over backwards to make sure everyone had a wonderful weekend. I loved every minute! And we got a ton of World Vision kids sponsored which always just touches my heart.

Thanks, Forest Park and Portage Lake! I hope we’re seeing you again soon. 🙂

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