Old Fort Church

The Generations Ministry of Old Fort Church

This morning I was the keynote speaker and presenter for a really cool annual event up near Toledo. It’s hosted by Old Fort Church and held at Heidelberg University every year. They’ve basically put together a mini Women of Faith idea – they have a full day event with multiple speakers and even comedians from all over. It was really a fun day – the women had put so much time and effort into getting this all together!

One really touching thing about the event was that they were having a cancer focus during it, and the organizer, Carol (hi, Carol!) had a cancer scare the very week of the event. Praise God, she found out only a couple days before that they do not think she has it, but she told the story and it added a new depth. We also heard an incredibly moving testimony from a cancer survivor. I was with Donna, my assistant, and she is a two time cancer survivor, so we were both pretty teary. It was so wonderful to hear someone else share truths that I know so well from my own life: God is faithful, God is good, God gives us what we need when we need it. It was a great day!

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