Books are here!

One of the pallets - there's a semi on my street!

My books are here! My books are here! I got a load of them at my house because the stuff I take with me to shows all lives in my basement (you should see my basement – no wait, you shouldn’t, it’s not pretty). I don’t think I thought through the fact that books are quite a bit larger than CD’s. This is one of the two flats that I got. Yup. And it only weighed 2400 lbs. And now they’re all in the garage. That’s a lot of trips to the basement.

The book will go national in January, but you can get it now at my store – what a fabulous Christmas present! 😉 Seriously, we really hope people enjoy this book and that it helps a lot of parents and kids. Check it out, and help support our ministry!

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  1. Lisa Bechtel says:

    So excited for you Jennifer! I know this is a huge accomplishment and we pray that God uses it in great ways for His kingdom! Lots of love to you all!

  2. jennifer says:

    Thanks, Lisa! We pray that too. 🙂 And we’re praying for you! Give our love to your family.

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