This is why I love them…

My sentimental gift from the choir for my service as director

So, I have resigned at the church, and my last Sunday is this coming one, February 12th. I’ve cried quite a bit, really. It’s different to leave a job you don’t like anymore, but I really do love leading worship and I love this church. I just know, though, that this is the way God is leading and I’m trying to be obedient.

One of the things I love about my job at the church is the choir. I have the best choir ever, period. There are about 25 of us, and every person in there is wonderful. We are not a large church, and many of these people never sang before they joined the choir. Some of them have been with me for over 10 years. I’ve been trying to strike a balance between teaching and making sure it’s a lot of fun. And, frankly, they sound great. But, they have heard me say a million times to “lift your eyebrows” and “spin your sound” and “blend with your neighbor” and “no r colors please” etc., and etc., and etc.

There is a balcony in our church and at the back of it is a door. One classical technique I use with them is to pick a focal point at the back of the room and higher up and then “send” your sound spinning to it. So, for over 10 years I have told them to “just sing to the doorknob” in the balcony. Last night they gave me a plaque, and proved that their sense of humor is as warped as mine. And yes, that is the actual doorknob I have pointed to this whole time – they replaced it at the church because I had to have that actual doorknob. This is one of the reasons why I will miss them so much.

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  1. Dee Dee says:

    The actual doorknob! How awesome is that. They will miss you. Great to follow God’s lead though.

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