Radio interview and getting ready to go!

This morning I did a radio interview for WMPC in Lapeer, MI on my new book. I always enjoy talking to them, and it was a good interview – I so appreciate their help in getting the word out about my book!

I can’t ignore, though, that I am leaving for Thailand in two days! It’s been a ridiculous amount of planning, not so much for our going, but for our kids while we are gone. There have been a few hiccups where plans had to change and then change again, but we think it’s all nailed down, and just leaving a list of everything that needs to happen at home is pretty daunting.

Early Wednesday morning, Nathan and I fly first to Washington D.C., then to Narita, Japan, and then to Bangkok, Thailand. We’ll be in several parts of Southeast Asia, and I’m looking forward to seeing it, and dreading it a bit at the same time. Don’t get me wrong – I love travel, and I know I will love the people we’ll be with, but I am not really looking forward to facing some of the realities of human trafficking. There are things I’m pretty sure I won’t want to know. But, I don’t think we can turn a blind eye to injustice just because it makes us uncomfortable.

We’ll try to keep things up to date while we’re there, but we don’t have any sense of our internet situation or even how much time we will have. If we can’t get too much out there, we’ll catch you up when we get home! Please be praying for us – we so appreciate that!

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