Some Ohio radio visits

Mark Spencer, Eric Johnson, and Jennifer at CDR network

Jennifer with Bill Nance of WFCJ

This past week I got to visit two great stations here in my home state – The PATH, CDR network in Cedarville, OH, and WFCJ in Dayton, OH. CDR was especially fun since I used to teach at Cedarville University, and one of my fellow voice professors is the morning show host there, so I got to catch up with him too.

It was great to hear what they are both up to, especially since it’s kind of “local” for me. And, thanks to WFCJ, I learned there’s a chocolate festival in Dayton in the fall. I really can’t think of anything I’d rather have a festival for – who’s joining me there???

Headed out now to Nashville to start tracking the new album – I’ll post pictures of the sessions in the next day or so. I’m so excited to hear how the songs will take shape!

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