Catching up

Picnic with the Pops in downtown Columbus with the fam

The Ohio State Fair from the skyride

My daughter, Rachel, helps to run the table at Faith Covenant Church in Farmington Hills, MI

Ever since ICRS, I’ve been working like crazy on getting the artwork and layout for the new CD done while also listening and giving feedback on the mixing and mastering of the new songs. I really can’t express fully how grateful I am to God for these songs, and I am really getting excited about this album and about what God is going to do with it! I can’t wait to share it with you all!

On August 1st I did a radio interview for a radio show out of New York, NY called Life Lessons Radio Show. This was a new one for me, and I really enjoyed getting to know the host a bit and sharing about my book.

We also did a few family traditions like going to hear Picnic with the Pops with the Columbus Symphony Orchestra downtown and also going to the Ohio State Fair. Every year my whole family goes to the pops and the cousins all dance together and we have a big picnic – it’s a ton of fun. This year, the music selection was amazing, lots of my old favorites, so I really enjoyed it. And no summer is complete without the fair! You have to see the butter sculpture (this year it was 1900 pounds of butter turned into two cows and a birthday cake for our bicentennial – you can’t beat that!) and eat that elephant ear and ride the giant slide. It’s non-negotiable.

Then we headed up north with the family and visited Nathan’s family before stopping at another annual event for us now – guest worship at Faith Covenant Church in Farmington Hills, MI just outside of Detroit. I’ve been coming every year for several years now and leading their services and sharing some of my music. This church has become like family to me, and it’s always fun to see them! This was the first time my whole family got to be there with me, though, and they had fun meeting everyone.

Before I knew it, back to school was upon us and we had a wild rush to get the kids ready to go! Next weekend, onto Illinois.

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