Song sampler from the new album, Someday!!

Well, I can’t quite believe it, but the album may actually be done and off to manufacturing! It is always so much more work than I ever think it should be to get all the packaging done and all the final mixing and mastering and licenses and artwork and legalities, but yahoo! I think it’s done. 🙂

We had great news this week too when Lifeway Worship officially picked up all the publishing rights to every single song on this album! I was so excited about that, and I’m so looking forward to seeing where God will take these songs! We have several that I really hope will get out into the church as worship songs, and Lifeway can really help us with that.

So with that, here’s a song sampler just to give you a taste – hope you love it! Let us know what you think. We are able to take pre-orders now in our store. The national release is not until October 2nd, but if you pre-order, they should be going out the week of Sept. 17th. All pre-orders will be SIGNED and if you buy two or more, you get the sale price and free shipping, so definitely take advantage of that! I really can’t wait to share these songs with you!

Song sampler from Jennifer’s new CD, Someday

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  1. Jeff Gable says:

    I heard you in concert at Faith Covenant and want to tell you how inspiring it was! You have such a beautiful voice. I think it is absolutely wonderful that you use it to praise the Lord. This Saturday I hope to perform for the very first time. The song is called You Can’t Take Jesus and I hope to sing it for the poor and homeless served by the Friends ministry at 40 Chicago St.(Address uncertain). I am the one who sat behind you at church yesterday. I hope you didn’t think my joke tasteless. I do think of you as a celebrity and role model. I want to do what you do… draw near to God, praising Him and through that praise draw others closer to Him as well. It is the most noble, important thing anyone can do with their God-given talents and you do it extremely well. Thank you for the inspiration and for just being yourself!

    Jeff Gable

  2. jennifer says:

    Thanks, Jeff, I hope you performance went well!

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