Rounding the corner for home

Well, we are finishing up this album, which is so exciting to me. I’ve been down in Nashville several times since my last post.

We had a string session which was just amazing – David Davidson and David Angell on violin, Monisa Angell on viola, and Anthony LaMarchina on cello, with Philip Keveren (who did the string arrangements) conducting and playing some piano tracks as well. Just incredible players, and I was really emotional the whole morning. It just kept making me think of how good God is to bring me here, and also kept me thinking about how proud my dad would be, which kept me on the verge of weepy all day. Note to self, weepy women make men nervous. 🙂 I’m so happy with how it went – it adds an incredible dimension to the songs.

Back down to Nashville for some vocal sessions and a final photo shoot for the cover and meetings with the graphic artist and publicist, and here we are. I’m going over final mixes, and we should be printing soon. How can I tell you how exited I am to share this? I feel like the Lord just gave me a gift, and it will be so good for the ministry! We just have great songs that really point to Him.

Can’t wait for you to hear it!

And, in other news, “Your Great Name” has been in the top ten on the radio worship chart for the past 6 weeks, and this week it climbed to #3. Go, little song, go!!!

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