Retreat in New York and new music video!

Pulling into Mission Meadows

Teaching on Saturday night

The girls who came to help out (including my daughter!)

Setting up the shoot in the warehouse space

A wide angle shot.

Josh and I pause to smile for the camera

Well, I think I have a second to breathe. What a crazy week here.

Last weekend I went up to Jamestown, New York, to Mission Meadows retreat center to do the women’s retreat for the Great Lakes region of the Evangelical Covenant Church. This also happens to be the retreat for my home church, so that was really fun. Usually I don’t know anyone, but I knew about a quarter of the people there! Even the program director, Britt, is an old friend – it was so good to see her!

I gave a concert on Friday, led the worship all weekend, and taught the book of Esther. We had a great time. To make it even more fun for me, my mom came with me which she often does, but my oldest daughter also came which was a first. It was so special to have her there, and the three of us had a blast together!

Unfortunately I was just getting over an illness when I went and it was cold and pretty rainy the entire weekend. I started losing my voice on Sunday, and by the time we got home, I really didn’t have one at all. That is very unusual for me – I can’t remember losing my voice since I was 16 years old! I have another retreat this weekend, so I’m staying on vocal rest.

That’s been tough to do, though, since yesterday I was scheduled to shoot a music video for “To Be Love,” the song I wrote for Remember Nhu. R-Nhu is the organization that brought Nathan and I to Thailand to see their work – they fight child trafficking in many countries. I am really pleased with the response to the song and think the video will really help. Looking forward to sharing it with you all in the coming weeks!

Now, I’m going back to drinking tea and laying low. The warehouse where we shot was freezing, and I really need to get my voice back for the coming weekend!

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