Remember Nhu and Guest Worship in Wadsworth, OH

At the Friday night thank you event

At the Saturday night fundraiser for Remember Nhu in Bolivia

Two of the little Thai dancers from Saturday night's event

The upside down ark at Freshwater Community Church

Just got back from a wonderful weekend up in Wadsworth, Ohio which is near Akron. Remember Nhu, the group we went to Thailand with last spring and did a benefit for in Portland a couple of weeks ago was having a couple events there this weekend. The first, on Friday night, was a thank you and update to current supporters. The second one on Saturday night was a benefit event to raise money to start a new ministry in Bolivia. On both events, I shared some of our story and several songs and also the new video for “To Be Love,” the song I wrote for Remember Nhu. It was also great to be raising money for Bolivia since we got to know the couple they are sending there, Peter and Cali, when we were in Thailand. They were there training to be on staff, and now will be heading up this new initiative. They both went to Cedarville University which is where I used to teach, so we had that fun connection as well.

On Sunday morning, I went to Freshwater Community Church also in Wadsworth, and got to share and sing on their morning services. They are a great church – I was there to do a women’s Christmas event for them a couple of years ago, and they are just a fun, solid church with great, warm people. They also have a really interesting building – I think it looks like someone turned Noah’s ark upside down. They are outgrowing it, though – it was packed for both services and I’m not sure I’ve ever seen that many children!! – so they are in the middle of a building campaign. I have to say, I think I will miss the quirkiness of their present building, but it’s good to know that the church is the people, and I’m pretty sure I will be seeing them all again. 🙂

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