The Other Columbus and LeSea Broadcasting

Community Church of Columbus, IN

My sister in hair-dos, Mechelle.

Services at Community Church of the other Columbus - Indiana

The back of the Lilly house in Indianapolis

Doing an interview on The Harvest Show from LeSea

Doing a song on The Harvest Show

With Rinnah on the side of the set waiting to go on.

This past weekend my mom, my older daughter, Rinnah, and I headed out from Columbus, OH to Columbus, IN. I was invited to sing and speak at Community Church of Columbus for the conclusion of their missions awareness month. Since I’d only been home two days and she’s becoming such an expert at World Vision and has never been on a television set (which we were going to do the next day) I decided to let Rinnah miss a day of school and come with us. My mom ran my table, Rinnah ran the World Vision table, and we knew we’d have extra time on the road for general hilarity together. It’s funny, this was a pretty easy trip for us in general because we had extra time and full nights of sleep, etc., and Rinnah still thought it was a pretty intense trip! There was getting up early, though, and in eighth grade, that’s all you need to make it intense.

We left on Saturday and stopped in Lebanon, OH for dinner where we also found the best sundae on the planet. Salted carmel custard with hot fudge – holy cannoli, Batman, that was amazing. And sticky. And way too big. And yet, we still ate it all. Funny how that works.

We slept in Columbus, IN and got up early the next morning to sound check at the church before the services that day. While there, I ran into Mechelle, the first person I’ve ever met with my hairdo! We decided we were honorary sisters. 🙂 I love the heart for missions at this church – they support a huge number of missionaries and dedicate a month of their year every year to grow awareness for this. The worship director, Jill, and I hit it off immediately, and she was so fun and easy to work with. I feel so blessed to get to go to the churches I am called to – it is such a great reminder that the family of God really is everywhere.

After the services we had a great lunch with Jill and her husband and then had the whole day to make our way up to South Bend where I was going to be on The Harvest Show live in the morning. We stopped in Indianapolis to check out the Lilly house at the Indianapolis Museum of Art, and realized we could have spent an entire day there exploring the grounds and trails – what a beautiful place! Next time I’m out there, I hope to have more time to see it. Then we headed up to South Bend and found our hotel right on Notre Dame’s campus.

The next morning we got up early again and headed to LeSea’s studios. I soundchecked and then the show went live at 9. That morning the other guest was the head of the political science department at Notre Dame and they were discussing what was happening in the Middle East. Definitely out of my depth there, as my knowledge is pretty basic in that area, but still, he was a very gracious, kind man.

Rinnah and mom hung out on the side of the set to watch. I had two songs and an interview about my book. Then back in the car to head home. We’ll be at home for about another day and a half before our family heads to Michigan for Thanksgiving. We always do basically a giant circle around the state visiting all of Nathan’s family this weekend, and while I can’t say I’m excited about a lot more the time in the car, it’s always fun to see everyone. And after this, I have a few events at home in Columbus, so I’m very excited to stay in my own bed for a while!

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