Ministry in Palatka

With Pastor Randy at Peniel Baptist

With Robin Robinson of WHIF at the concert

Well, my family left on Saturday, which is never fun, and my mom and I headed up to Palatka, FL. Sunday morning I did the worship services at Peniel Baptist church, and they were just wonderful – I felt like I’d known them forever. 🙂

I came back that night and did a concert/ministry event in place of their regular Sunday night worship, sponsored by the church and by the Christian radio station up there, WHIF. It was a really fun night of ministry!

This morning I was on the morning show at WHIF with Robin Robinson. She was at the concert last night too, and she’s so much braver than I am! She had to get to the station a lot earlier. 🙂 We had a great prayer time at the station too. Altogether, a great time in Palatka!

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