You know how sometimes God just arranges your life in a lovely way?

I had one free night between radio visits in Palatka, FL and in St. Marys, GA. My mom is with me, and we were trying to figure out where we should spend it. Maybe Jacksonville? That’s on the way. Then mom said, “Hey, I remember someone telling me that Amelia Island is beautiful – let’s check that out.” Okay.

Then her phone rings. It’s a friend, and she’s coming down to Florida, will we be anywhere near her? She’s going to be flying into Jacksonville and her plane is landing when we’ll be driving by the airport. Oh, and she’s going to stay with her family on Amelia Island, any chance we could come and spend the night with them? Any chance we can give her a ride from the airport?

Isn’t God awesome!? So we get to give her a ride which she needed, and we got a place to stay, which we needed, and we got to stay in exactly the place my mom wanted to see. He is so good!

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