Camp Mowana, take two, and HOME!

Me with retreat organizers and dear friends, Amy Pedrotty, Debi Durbin, and Kathy McIntyre

Last night I went up to Camp Mowana to do a concert for the St. Luke’s women’s retreat. I got to be with them last year as well, and it was so great to catch them up on everything that’s happened, and on what we saw in Kenya – a lot of those women supported our trip!

Camp Mowana, as I said last year, is very gorgeous, and does not look like the set of a movie with Chevy Chase or goofy kids covering their camp counselors with honey and twine. I forgot to take a picture last year to prove it, but not this time – the picture is the window I got to give a concert in front of. Pretty great view, even in winter.

This morning, I got to do worship at my home church again, and it was so good to be back with my church family and play with my band! I really miss them when I’m traveling. Yea, Faith Covenant!

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