Radio shows in GA and TN

With Mike Shelley at WRAF, Toccoa, GA

With Dave Purin at WHCB, Bristol, TN

Wednesday night after the tapings we drove up to Toccoa, GA, and spent the night in a very cool 100 year old bed and breakfast. I had to be on the air at WRAF at 7, which for anyone who knows me, means I am being absolutely heroic!! I am not a morning person. 🙂

The only hotels we could find were either a little scary, or really far away, and we stumbled on this, and it was perfect. One mile from the station, and turned out to be run by a wonderful Christian family. If you’re ever in Toccoa, that’s the place to be!

Had a great time that morning with Mike Shelley, loved meeting him, and being on the air for the morning show. Then mom and I headed up to Bristol, TN.

Absolutely amazing scenery and drive going there – we were in the Appalachian mountains, and I was sure glad it wasn’t icy, but it was so gorgeous. God is so creative and majestic! I love how we can see His work all around us!

After a little adventure finding WCRB, I had a great time hanging out with Dave Purin and doing the afternoon show. It’s always so fun to meet the people you’ve talked to or heard about in person, and I loved seeing the ministry that both of those guys have.

And then (drumroll please!!) we drove… HOME!! Yep. Drove all the way home last night, and it was so good to see my kiddos and my husband. Even though it’s only been a few days since they left in Florida, they’ve been so packed it felt a lot longer. Good to be home. 🙂

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