Women’s retreat and Men’s dinner

A fifty eight year old tradition - the men's dinner in Fremont, OH

Just for funsies, my son as Milton Hershey

This past week has been quite a contrast. Spent last weekend with the Greater Ohio District of the Wesleyan Churches for the annual women’s retreat. I was with them last year too, and it was great to see so many of them again. Unfortunately, the organizer, Patti, had a bad fall on the ice just a few days before and got a concussion so she wasn’t able to be there. We missed her! But her team did a fabulous job, and we had a lot of fun together looking at the life of Peter. Apparently I forgot my camera for this event, but we did it again at the Embassy Suites in Columbus, and if you ignored the 27 hockey teams worth of screaming teenage boys there for a tournament, it was a great time. 🙂

Then, on Thursday I got to do a program for a fifty-eight year old tradition: the annual men’s dinner hosted by Lindsey United Methodist Church in Fremont. They had about 350 men there and the host for the event said he could remember coming with his grandfather and dad when he was little. So fun! It was a little different for me since I’m so used to doing women’s events and I don’t get to sing in a barn everyday, but we still had a great time.

And, just for fun, this week I’ve also been helping my son, Toby, with his famous person project for school. They had to learn about someone and then dress as that person and “visit” their class to tell them about their life. They were also required to have a prop. My son did Milton Hershey and as his prop he brought Hershey’s kisses for every kid and the teacher. When she saw that, she said, “Well, for that, Toby, you get an A!” It was pretty funny. And he looks so good in a fake mustache, don’t you think?

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