Very difficult week

This has been a very difficult week for us with all the news from World Vision. We have had a great partnership with them for many years, and the changes made were a complete shock to us. After much prayer, this is the statement we have given to the press. Please keep us and World Vision in your prayers. We will also keep you up to date on what we decide in terms of a partnership for poverty relief in the future – that is such a heartbeat of our ministry, and we know that God has a plan for that as well.

For those of you aware of the recent policy decision by World Vision US regarding same-sex marital couples and the subsequent reversal of that decision, we feel compelled as long-time ambassadors for World Vision to make a statement regarding our future involvement with the organization.

First, we were not informed ahead of time by World Vision of their policy changes. We found out when everyone else did, and we were shocked and saddened. Our ministry completely upholds the inerrancy of Scripture, and this policy did not reflect our beliefs, or World Vision’s own Statement of Faith. Second, while we appreciate the swift and contrite retraction of the policy more than we can say, and as Christians, we offer forgiveness, this situation has left us confused and uncertain about the future direction of the US leadership.

We still believe that World Vision is an organization that God is using tremendously in the lives of children and families. We have been blessed to see their work all around the world. We will personally continue to sponsor the children to whom our family has made a commitment and hope that other current sponsors will do the same.

As a ministry, we believe God has called us to continue to help the least among us. That we know for sure. What we do not know for certain is by what mechanism that should be. Our first and foremost concern is for the children around the globe who are in desperate need of support. While we seek God’s wisdom and His perfect will in this matter, we have made the heart-breaking decision to discontinue our involvement with World Vision as a ministry at this time. Please pray that God shows us the right path to take.

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