Exciting day in Chicago!

Moody Radio

Carlos, Wendell, me, and Denny at Moody Radio Broadcasting

Well, yesterday was pretty much a study in modes of transportation. I didn’t take a boat or a helicopter or a hot air balloon, but I think I hit pretty much everything else. Okay, no bike or scooter either, but hey, you get the idea.

I had a couple of meetings in Chicago, so I got up very early, drove to the airport, grabbed a shuttle, and then took a plane. Landed in Chicago and took a train to connect with a bus, after which I walked a half mile and had my first meeting. Then someone gave me a lift in their car to the train, then walking again to another meeting. Then the subway and walking to another meeting. Then walking to the subway to the train to the plane to the shuttle to my car to my house. Sounds like a children’s book that Toby would really love. 🙂

The meetings were actually very exciting – awesome to see what God is doing! I met first with Ruth Hill who is the national women’s ministries director for the Evangelical Covenant Church denomination. I am doing a women’s event with her this summer, and they are going to feature one of my songs as the theme for the international celebration which is so exciting! There’s also a possibility that Ruth and I will go to Thailand and possibly Cambodia this summer to research another possible ministry, and that would just be incredible. More on that later if it pans out!

My next meeting was with Denny Nugent who is the music programming director for Moody Broadcasting which has radio stations all across the country. My radio promoter, Wendell, came in for that one too, Denny brought his assistant Carlos, and we went out to lunch and had a great conversation about worship and worship music and our place in God’s church. It was very cool to see how God is working over there, and I also got to tour the station which is fun since there’s so much history that happened right there!

Finally, I got to see my college roommate, Sara. She works at the Field Museum, so I went over to see her before I had to catch my flight. It was so fun – it’s been several years since we’ve seen each other. I’ll be back in Chicago for some rehearsals for a conference I’m doing this summer, so hopefully we can connect again.

It was great to be urban for a day again – haven’t ridden that much public transit since I lived in NY! 🙂

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