So happy to see Friday…

This week has been absolutely nuts. It started with my close friend Linda having her baby, Ben, which should have been wonderful, but there were complications and it got very, very scary. Ben is still in the NICU and will be there for a while, but thank the Lord, it looks like he will still be with us, and it’s even looking pretty good that he will be fine. I’ve spent a lot of time at the hospital this week with them.

My husband left on Monday for the week in New York. He started a new job fairly recently and his first client is Sesame Street (I know, how cool is that?!), so he had to go there for a few days, but they weren’t the best days to miss. On Wednesday, another very close friend had her husband admitted to the hospital, and he may need major surgery. Very tough for them, and I really want to be there for her.

To go with that, I have the three kids and all my regular stuff and all their regular stuff, plus Toby got a double ear infection and tripped at school and tried to break his nose (didn’t quite succeed, thank goodness, but he is a study in purple right now, poor kid), so all in all, it has not been the best week. But Nathan came home, and we went to see baby Ben tonight, and he’s so beautiful, and looks so much better, it’s really hard to complain when you see God answering prayer like that!

On another note, I came out in several more blogger reviews, and it really touches my heart! I’m so glad they are liking the music, and that it keeps them focused on the Lord – that is the best thing I can think of for my music! You can read them here and here and here!

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