Finishing in Florida, heading to Georgia…

We’re in Georgia now!

Sheila, Jennifer, and Bill at WAFT

The sign that saved our interview

We had a beautiful time with Lighthouse Covenant Church on Saturday. What a warm and friendly congregation! I serve a Covenant church, and there’s always connections, so that was really fun. There were also a lot of retired missionaries in the congregation, and it was so fun to talk with them about their adventures, and our upcoming trip. They have promised to pray for us while we’re gone, and I know they will, so thank you!

Sunday morning I went to Christ Church in Vero Beach for their morning services and shared a little of my story and some music. We have dear friends in Vero, and have been privileged to have many opportunities to sing in that area. I love seeing how the Lord makes connections within His family, and I had the opportunity to meet for the first time personally several people I’ve known on email, and also to reconnect with others I’ve met before.

We crossed the border into Georgia last night, and it was an odd feeling – I’ve been in Florida (it seems, in every part of it, twice!!) for the last 3 weeks, so it’s strange that that time is over. I’m coming back in March, though (again to Vero Beach!) so it wasn’t too sad.

This morning I was on the morning show at WAFT in Valdosta, Georgia. A big shout-out to Sheila and Bill – it was great meeting you! Thanks for having me, I had a great time.

A funny story, though, about getting to WAFT. I couldn’t get my GPS to map it, so I tried googlemaps – it didn’t work. Then mapquest – no luck. What in the world? So we got to Valdosta and started asking people. We had one woman who was sure she knew, but we checked it out the night before, and it was actually a TV station – so glad we checked! So I pulled over and called them. What I got was a very mumbly man, who seemed to have never heard of I-75. Odd, since he was supposed to be right next to that. He kept trying to give me directions from I-77. What?! And I couldn’t understand him, and kept asking him to spell street names. I got off the phone really frustrated, and said to my mom, who’s traveling with me, “Wow, that was the most unhelpful person, and I can’t believe he’s in radio – I couldn’t understand a word he said!!” I checked the names of the streets he gave me, and my GPS couldn’t find any of them. And there was no I-77 anywhere.

We got to the hotel. I thought, I’ll ask them, and then I’ll call my radio promoter – someone has to know where this is!! As I’m asking the front desk person (a big shout-out to Thomas – you rock and you saved our interview!!), it dawns on me. I-77 is in Ohio – I’ve driven it many times. I called a number with a 330 area code, and now I’m thinking, wait, that’s up near Akron, OH. Oh my goodness! I called some poor man in Akron who was probably watching the superbowl, and made him spell every street near him, while saying, “No, you must help me, I’m meeting Sheila there at 7 in the morning!” He must have thought I was nuts! “Who’s Sheila, and why are you meeting at my house at 7? Oh, well, whatever will get this woman off the phone so I can watch the game – that’s B-E-L-D-E-N Avenue…” My mom and I just died laughing, I think poor Thomas the hotel guy thought we were insane.

Well, somehow Thomas got something to map it, although in the end it wasn’t right either! But it did take us by a big sign for WAFT, and we followed that – interview saved. And I won’t forget the area code for Akron any time soon. 🙂

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  1. Cindi says:

    Naughty Mandy, must have wanted to stay in Florida. Thanks again for coming!

  2. Nathan says:

    Ah, for those attentive readers, “Mandy” is Jennifer’s GPS.

    Nathan (Jennifer’s husband who gave her Mandy in the first place…)

  3. under construction says:

    LOL! Nathan, that is way too funny! But a great Jenny story.


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