Final days of the tour

Janine, me, my mom, and Vickie at WECC

Me and Doug at WMVV

Martin Luther King Jr.’s first church

First White House of the Confederacy

Me and Bob at WLBF

So, on Tuesday we headed back to the coast. It’s pretty hard to ever make a tour make sense in terms of when you drive where, and this was no exception. We had to actually go back to Florida and through Jacksonville, and then back up the coast into Georgia to St. Marys. Apparently there’s a big (and I mean big!) swamp or something. No worries – gave us a chance to buy more Florida oranges.

We had a great interview at WECC on Tuesday with Janine, and even got my mom on the air. She’s editing my dad’s journal right now for a book, planned for release in the summer, so after my interview, they got her on to talk about the book. She’s never done that before, but she was a pro! I like my mom. 🙂 Thanks to Vickie for having us!

After our time there, we headed up the coast and realized we were going to be near Savannah at dinner time, so we decided to see if we could get into Paula Deen’s restaurant there – my friends are big fans of hers, and have talked about wanting to go. We didn’t think we had a shot of getting in, but we did, and great Southern food ensued. The funniest thing there was our gorgeous, 5 pound waitress who kept telling us how she was raised on fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and butter cake. Mmm, hmm. I can’t relate to that kind of metabolism somehow.

We got up the next day and headed over to Griffin, Georgia, which is just south of Atlanta. I loved getting to meet Doug at WMVV – we had emailed some through Shoutlife, and he has a great ministry going there. We did an artist profile interview which will air next week.

After that, we headed out to Montgomery. I have never actually been to Alabama, so that was a state to add to my “places I’ve been” list. The next morning, we had some time to kill before the interview, so we checked out Montgomery. It’s a very interesting town with great architecture, and a lot of history, some of it very painful. We saw the first White House of the Confederacy just blocks from the church where Martin Luther King Jr. served – it’s pretty crazy to think about what was going on there not that long ago.

That afternoon I recorded an interview with Bob at WLBF which will air in a couple of weeks on a spotlight program. It was great to meet him, and hear about the ministry they are doing there!

After that, we headed to Nashville. I had a meeting with my manager there to talk about the next album. On the way, we stopped for dinner. We try to avoid chain restaurants whenever possible, because we get so tired of them when we’re on the road so much. When we got off the road, we were going to one, but then saw a place called “Clark’s” just down the road. It didn’t look very promising from the outside, but it was packed out! Always a good sign. So we decided to check out the menu.

I asked the woman at the front, “What’s good here?” and she said, “Every single thing.” “No, really, what’s the best thing?” “Every single thing is good. My husband’s the chef!” Oh. Then she says, “No, you listen, every single thing is good” and she yells across the restaurant at a man eating dinner, “Hey, Bob, what’s good on the menu?” and he yells back, “Every single thing.” “John, what’s good here?” “You know it’s every single thing!!” We were cracking up! How can you resist? So we ate at Clark’s. And while I didn’t try every single thing on the menu, you’re probably wondering, what was good? Well, every single thing, of course.

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