Home and Michigan and home again.

My beautiful new niece, Allison!

We had another meeting Friday morning with my manager, and I’m pretty excited about the possibilities for a new album. Hopefully we’ll have something cooking in the near future.

We also got to have lunch in Franklin, TN, on an incredible day – sunny and beautiful and 60 degrees. Why are we heading north today??? Two days ago in Atlanta we were at 26 degrees in the morning, and now it’s all going beautiful. Oh, well, it’s supposed to be nicer at home too.

Got home at 9, put my kids to bed and hugged them a lot. I really didn’t like being gone so long – I don’t think we’ll do that again unless my family can be with me for more of it.

Got up the next morning, and had to be on the road by 8. My husband and I were heading to a show in Saranac, MI, at a church with wonderful, wonderful ladies I met at the Portage Lake retreat last fall. So fun to see them! But, (no offense, please, people at Saranac Community Church – you are lovely) even more fun was that we got to meet our new niece, Allison, who was born on the previous Tuesday. My brother and sister-in-law live only a few miles from Saranac (and how lovely of them to coordinate with my concert schedule – they are so thoughtful!!), so we got to see her and the rest of my husband’s family who were visiting. We may be biased, but Allison’s beautiful. 🙂

Then home again, and up for worship this morning. I loved being at my home church again. I really missed them, and really missed my band! And now, we’re seriously tired. Spent the afternoon lying on the couch with my kids and doing laundry from the last month. Not glamorous, but pretty awesome all the same.

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