Camp Mowana

Okay, I know that name made me think of all kinds of crazy movies where the kids end up tangled in twine, covered with honey and chocolate, and chasing bears out of their tents, but Camp Mowana looked nothing like that. It was absolutely gorgeous, and I’m kicking myself because I forgot to take a PICTURE!! So picture this – pulling off the road onto a winding trail through the woods, over a rustic wood bridge with every tree outlined in white from the soft snow falling through the twilight.

I got to do the concert in a room with a wall made of glass, looking out into that forest, and it’s not hard to praise God when you see such beautiful creation!

What a great time I had with the ladies from St. Luke’s on their winter retreat. Thank you for having me! I hope we can do it again. And I will never malign the name of Camp Mowana after this. 🙂

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