Halfway to Africa and new songs brewing…

Well, I spent a little time today recording some very rough scratch tracks of some new songs I’ve been working on, and sent them over to my manager and radio promoter to get their feedback. We’re planning on a new EP very soon, with a full album to follow, likely in the fall. I have to say, I was feeling pretty overwhelmed by the prospect, but now that we’ve started, I am getting so excited! It’s always fun to see how God will give you the ideas He wants to put forward, and in this case, I also get to have the fun of creating with other people. I’m psyched to see what He’ll do!

And also on the psyched front, the numbers are in, and we are officially halfway to our fundraising goal for the tour to the UK and Kenya! Since most of the expenses are coming now, we are definitely grateful for that. So thank you to everyone who’s contributed, during my January/February tour and everywhere else – we really appreciate you!

Please keep praying for us to get the funding (it’s a really hard time for everyone, and not the best time to raise money), and please, PLEASE PRAY for the trip! The details are coming together, and we are so anticipating what the Lord will do there. He’s opening doors for ministry every day!

Please also pray for the people who are hosting us in Kenya, Wally and Donna. Donna’s father has had some really serious medical issues, and she’s stayed in the US for now while Wally’s in Kenya. Please pray for her dad, and for the Lord to make the timing clear for her, and for them as they are seperated.


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