More Nashville stuff

Wow, I haven’t been this tired in a long time, but what a lot we accomplished!

I got home from Nashville last night at about 1 in the morning. Tuesday I got up and went to a co-writing session with Dennis Dearing. What a super nice guy! We had a lot of fun, and worked on a song that’s been kind of a “problem child” for me. He was so cool about it – not many people want to hear, “Hey, here’s this song that I like some things about, but mostly don’t like it – can you make it a great song?!” I have to say, though, he’s a guitar player, and I’m a pianist, so listening to it on the guitar gave it a totally different feeling. We ended up coming up with some good stuff, and I think a song is born after all. 🙂

Then we had lunch with Paul Marino who’s a producer my radio promoter is good friends with and went to check out his studio. He does beautiful, beautiful orchestral work – just amazing.

Then looking at lots of pictures and stuff with my manager, and planning the singles, and driving home (leave at rush hour in Nashville, brilliant move on my part!).

I really can’t get over how much we got done in only 2 days. Thanks, Wally, you rock!

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