Be careful what you ask for…

The tip of the iceberg

We asked our kids’ schools if they would like to be involved with our trip to Kenya by having a clothing and soccer ball drive. We’re planning to take whatever we can with us to the orphans we’ll be visiting at Little Lambs, and to the World Vision kids we’ll be with.

Well, I’m not so sure about posting this, but here goes: this is a picture of what used to be my living room. And you can’t even see the fact that everywhere under the piano there are clothes, as well as a pile of soccer balls filling up the whole space for the bench. I’ve been sorting for days now! I think we’re about 2/3’s of the way done.

At this point, we’re planning to even outfit our family from the clothes and that way, we can just leave everything except the outfit we’re wearing when we come home. It’s the best way we can think of to get the most stuff there.

I have to say, though, that I have been really touched by people’s generosity. There have been whole bags of new clothing, new soccer balls, and on the whole, really nice stuff. It touches my heart. And, as a mom, when I think about those kids putting on a fleece or a sweater (the altitude is really high at Little Lambs, and it gets cold at night and there’s no heat), it just makes me feel good.

So wish us luck! Let’s see, 10 bags, 5 carry-ons, 3 kids, and customs – sounds like a ball, doesn’t it? Ha!!

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  1. Lisa Michelle Kattner says:

    Hi Jennifer!
    I just watched some of your You Tube posts (one of your dad) and was so blessed! It is amazing to see how God is using your talents and life struggles for his glory! It has been awhile since we have connected, but it is exciting to see all that has happened in the 6 years since my days in Cols., Ohio. I want you to know that I’ve been blessed by you and your family throughout the years. I signed up for the monthly newletter and look forward to reading more about your ministry. I know that God will bless all of you as you travel overseas for His work and the expansion of His kingdom! On a final note, the boys and I are doing well. We now live in Indiana (going on 5 yrs. now). God has blessed us with a wonderful church and beautiful friendships! It seems like just yesterday when we were taking that long bus ride to Co. for CHIC when we were in high school, and now here I am raising 2 teenage sons! Where does the time go? I will pray for safe travel for you and your family. God Bless!
    Eternally His,
    Lisa Michelle (Crabtree) Kattner

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