Shelter Project and home project

My men working, Nathan and Toby

This morning we presented “Shelter” in our service. It’s a project by my producer, Paul Marino, and he was writing it while I was down writing with him on my last album, so I got to hear it in many stages. What a gorgeous work, and the words are amazing, most of them straight from scripture. It’s a cycle of 10 songs, many of them original by Paul but also a few worship songs and hymns worked in. It’s for choir and soloists and pretty flexible on the instrumentation so we used piano, keys, drums, bass, and guitar and it came out great. My choir did a phenomenal job, we added prayers, communion, and scripture readings and made it an entire service – everyone loved it. Paul was here a couple of weeks ago with Jeremy Johnson (another writer Paul works with a lot who also worked on my last album) and they guest led our worship and were absolutely amazing, so the congregation already knew their hearts and were excited to see what the project was about.

Lots of work, and I’m glad it came off well. I know the Lord used it!

Also, just adding a picture here because it’s too cute not to. We are remodeling our porch into an office. Now that Nathan and I are both working at home full time, the dining room just isn’t cutting it anymore. So here’s a picture of the “men” working. 🙂

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