Adventure Week madness begins!

Our duck friends who followed us for a week

We had our first read-through of the play with the cast and crew on Sunday after church and it went great. I have several first-timers who really don’t know what they’re getting into (let me tell you, if you have a pack of first grade girls pinning you into a corner screaming for your autograph because THEY LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!! it’s a pretty frightening experience for the newbie) but they will all be good. I’m looking forward to it.

After that, the fam drove up to Millersburg, OH, heart of Amish country to spend spring break. We’re having a great time – there are tons of animals here, goats, cats, horses, ducks, the kids are in heaven. There’s even a little 2 week old goat who’s been following them around. And I drove out yesterday and bought new dishes at the Homer Laughlin Factory – they make Fiesta. Can I say, everyone should have another shower after they’ve been married for a while. What do you think, every 10 years? Every 15? Whatever we choose, everything we own is looking cruddy, and man, I may be shallow, but these dishes are making me HAPPY! My mom drove out with me and spent hours with me in the seconds room finding prizes and getting dirty – thanks mom.

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