While we’re at it…

Since I posted the new choral arrangement of “God Loved the World” I realized I never posted Phillip Keveren’s arrangement. Phillip is an absolutely amazing arranger and composer who has done work for some very, very big names. He’s also with Lifeway, and I was so privileged to have him write and conduct the string parts on my last album – don’t know how I got that lucky, really (okay, I do, that would be God’s grace). Anyway, Phillip had written the string parts for “God Loved the World” and when he wrote this musical, he made a beautiful choral version of it. I was so honored to have it included!

One funny little story – I met Phillip at the string sessions for my album since he was conducting. When I got home, the next day my daughter picked up one of her piano books to head to her lesson, and whose face was on the back cover but Phillip’s! Apparently he’s also written a lot of teaching music for piano, who knew? My son and I played a duet by him just last week. When I told the kid’s piano teacher that I’d worked with him, she was very excited. Small world, this.

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