My first women’s retreat in an airforce base

Going into Wright-Patterson Airforce Base

Speaking to the ladies of the East Central District Missionary Churches

This weekend I was the speaker for the East Central District Women’s Retreat – it was women from all of the churches in the East Central District of the Missionary Church. What a wonderful weekend! I was speaking on the life of Esther, and these women were wonderful. They had told me the conference center was near Wright-Pat Airforce Base, but I was thinking it would be across the street or something. Nope, it’s inside the base. That would be the first time I’ve ever needed to ask directions to a women’s event from a man in uniform with a beret and a gun.

My mom and I were there together, and just had a blast getting to know all the women. I especially enjoyed meeting a missionary from Spain and hearing her story. It’s always such a treat for me to finally get to meet and spend time with the people at a retreat – we spend months corresponding and talking by phone as we plan, and when we finally get to meet them, it’s such a pleasure. Thanks so much! I hope I get to be with you all again soon. 🙂

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