Scouting locations…

New Hope Church

Long Street Studio front

My intern, Julie, checking out the stage - I'm interested in the bricks!

My intern, Julie, and I headed out this morning to scout some locations for the video for the new song to send to Jeff, the director. He’s in Philadelphia, so rather than bring him in, I’m just emailing him photos to give him a better idea of what we’re working with. I’m psyched that we’re going to make this video happen! I had such a cute idea on the way home from the writing session in Nashville for this song, “Life Not Typical” and I really hope we can make it work on the screen. My good friends, Dustin, of Long Street Studio, and Christine, of New Hope Church, are so kindly letting us use their spaces. Thanks! We’re filming it in January, so hoping to have it out before we leave for Thailand. Yea!

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