Going to Thailand

Well, it’s official. We’ve known for a while now, but the dates are set, the tickets are bought, and Nathan and I are heading to Thailand on February 15th! We may also go to Cambodia or Myanmar, and right now we are just waiting a bit to see if the situations in those countries calm down a bit. Could happen, we’ll see.

I’m so excited about this trip! It’s being sponsored by an incredible organization called Remember Nhu – a group that is working to rescue children from child trafficking. I got to meet Nhu – she is the first girl who was rescued and the inspiration for the ministry. Now they have homes all over Southeast Asia, and they are bringing us over to see the work.

Please pray for this trip, for their ministry, for our ministry and safety while we’re there, and that God will really be clear with us about how He wants to use us in this fight. Thanks!

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