Very Hard Decision

This past week, I resigned from my position as the music director and worship leader at my church. I’ve served in that job for the past twelve years, and it was really an excruciating decision. I’ve been praying about it for months, and really, it’s been a struggle to do everything I feel called to in my ministry and keep up with that as well for about two years now. I really need more time with my family, and something had to give.

God has been so merciful to me to make it very clear. While I was in Nashville, I was praying about it again and He really confirmed the decision in my Bible study as well. I am so grateful that He was clear because telling my church was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, and they were so sweet and loving and gracious to me about it that if God hadn’t been so clear, I know I would have second-guessed it. They proved again why I have felt so blessed to serve that church for so long. They are simply family.

I am praying for them and their new direction as I know they are praying for me. Isn’t it a blessing that we can always know that when we are following God’s direction, we’re always in the right place.

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