TV and Women’s Event in Pittsburgh

Getting a little makeup done before the show

Pre-show setup

Waiting for the cue for one of my songs

Doing the interview for the new book

With Steff Knabe, the organizer of the Heart Breakfast

Debuting the new video at the breakfast

Just had a great road trip with my friend Patti. I had a women’s event and a television show in Pittsburgh, and Patti is from there and a couple of her kids live there now, so she offered to go with me. I love Pittsburgh, actually – it has a great vibe, and my parents met at U. of Pittsburgh, so really, without Pittsburgh, I wouldn’t be here.

We drove straight to Cornerstone Television Network where I was live on their show, Focus 4. Patti had never been on a TV set before, so she had a great time seeing how it all went together. I had the whole hour, so I sang three songs and had 3 interview segments about my new book.

After the show we visited Patti’s daughter-in-law and grandsons, and also the pastor at her old church there. Then we went to her daughter and son-in-law’s house where we were staying which was really fun for me because they’re also friends of mine – I stayed with them when they lived in Nashville when I was making my last album. It was great to see them again! After dinner we watched the rebroadcast of the show together which is always uncomfortable for me. I don’t like to watch myself on TV, but it wasn’t too bad.

The next morning we headed out early for Hebron Church where I was doing the Heart Breakfast for the women’s ministry. What a wonderful morning! There were several people there who had known my parents back when they were doing Young Life in Pittsburgh which was so fun. It was also great to finally meet the coordinator, Steff, because we’d talked so much on the phone we felt like old friends! They did a wonderful job with the event, and it went beautifully. I know how much effort goes in to these things before I even show up, and I appreciate them so much! Hoping to be back to do a women’s retreat for them in the coming year.

After the breakfast we went out to lunch in the Strip District which is frankly dangerous because there are so many things I would like to buy, I should not even go in there. I don’t like to shop. You have to drag me into clothing stores. I would rather do almost anything else. BUT, these were food shops, and that, my friend, is totally different. After picking up pine nuts (guilty pleasure and the price was so good!) and dried figs (I’ve never seen that kind before!) and some Italian cookies I’ve never heard of just because I’d never heard of them (how can there be an Italian cookie I’ve never heard of?!?!) and heroically walking past about a million other things, Patti and I finally fled to the safety of the car and headed home.

We had such a great time, and I hope I get to go back for a bit longer next time! And, yes, the cookies which were sfogliatelli (say that five times fast), were amazing. I didn’t take a picture because by the time I thought of it, all that was left were the crumbs. 🙂

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  1. Patti Tomashewski says:

    Loved my first road trip Jenny. How fun to introduce you to dear friends AND the Strip District. And thanks for introducing me to Indian food. Ready for another trip, anytime!

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