Billboard, events, and jet lag

Setting up at Grace Church in Powell, OH

Well, we’ve been home almost two weeks, and I am just starting to feel like myself again. I have had jet lag before, but nothing compares to the jet lag we had coming home from Thailand! I was just worthless for a full week. Several times I had to eat dinner standing up just so I could stay awake! Yikes.

We had some great news last week, though. My new single, “Life Not Typical” was on the Most Added list for the Billboard chart! We’re still gaining ground, and I hope to see it chart in the Top 40 soon. So that was really exciting for us!

I also had a couple of events this past weekend. I was so blessed to have both of them be local events, and I was so grateful because with the jet lag, I was still struggling a bit! They say it’s a day for every time zone, and we were 12 hours off, so I should finally be back to me.

Last Thursday I spent a great night with the ladies at Grace Church in Powell. I got to share some of what we had seen in Thailand as well as my new video and our story and songs. They were a wonderful group, and I hope to see them again soon!

Last night I also did a very interesting event unlike anything I’ve done before. A church just north of us was doing a spa night as an outreach event, and they asked me to come in and present the Gospel. It’s a fundraiser for a different charity every year (this year it was for a group that helps women who are experiencing domestic violence) and all the women come and get spa treatments such as manicures or chair massages, and hear a short talk on the charity and then the Gospel from me. It was a super fun night, but I have to say, it’s not easy to transition to the Gospel from eyebrow waxing! And yet, we did it. 🙂 It was fun, and yes, I got a chair massage.

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  1. Tanya Woods says:

    I just returned from a mission trip to Thailand. We got home Sunday night, Easter Sunday, and I am still constantly tired! I feel asleep today at 2:00 and woke up at 6:00. This is ridiculous!! But it was well worth it. We spent 2 weeks at Sending Hope International.An orphan home started for “the worlds most at risk children” located in Wiang Pa Pao, which is about 10 hours north of Bangkok 2 hours from both the Burma and the Laos border. It was an amazing trip. I loved your blog and recognized many of the “sites’ although we were in a different part of Thailand. The girls in tribal dress, the pagan idol worship. It is absolutely heartbreaking to me to think that 98% of Thailand is Buddhist. Hoping this jetlag and feeling of being half asleep will end soon. 🙂 Part of the tiredness could be the fact that I am functioning with half my heart! I left the other half in Thailand with the sweet little girls at Sending Hope. Check out their website and facebook page.
    A sister in the Lord,
    Tanya Woods

  2. jennifer says:

    Thank you for the encouragement, Tanya, and I know just how you feel! Both the lag, and the missing-a-piece-of-your-heart. I pray for those kids every day. I will check it out, thank you, and I’m so glad you got to see it!

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