A crazy, wonderful, busy week

Waiting on the set of Atlanta Live!

With the incomparable Babbie Mason

At WMVV radio

The ridiculous white/chocolate/red velvet/cheese/carrot/ganache/raspberry cake Donna and I shared

At South Venice Baptist Church for the concert

Leading worship at the women's retreat at First Presbyterian St. Pete.

Singing on the service at First Presbyterian St. Pete

With Kate Bruington at Moody Radio Florida

I’m sitting here on the other side of a crazy week, and I am so grateful for so many things. 1) All the work God did. 2) All the work He’s going to do. 3) All the doors He opened for me this past week. 4) A little time off! I have a couple weeks here where I don’t have to go anywhere and plan to hang out with my fam on their spring break. 🙂

I left last Tuesday and flew to Atlanta with Donna. We were staying with her friends down there, and let’s face it, she wanted to go just to see her friends and meet Babbie Mason – I’m not very cool to her anymore. 🙂 We had such a fun moment on the plane. I noticed the woman next to me looked very nervous before take-off, so I started talking with her to distract her, and we found out we were neighbors! Then she mentioned that her husband had passed away the year before and she was nervous about traveling alone and got confused, etc. So Donna and I asked if she’d like us to help her find her connection in Atlanta (it’s a huge and confusing airport) and she was so sweet and thanked us over and over, and called us her angels. I think that’s just the way God connects people, and I’m so glad we met! I’m hoping I’ll see her this summer when she’s back up north.

Donna and I got in around lunch and killed a little time before heading to WATC studios to do their TV show, Atlanta Live! That was a lot of fun because it’s two hours long, so there are several guests and I always like to meet people and see what the Lord is doing in their lives. It was a two hour show, and I had about a half an hour of it.

Then we headed to Donna’s friends’ house (hi Sandy and family!) and in the morning we headed back to WATC to film Babbie’s House. This is Babbie Mason’s show, and it was such an honor to meet her and be with her. She was just down to earth and fabulous. We were laughing because she was fixing the pillows on her set and we were saying, “Yep, this is your house!” She was an amazing woman, and I’m so glad I met her. I also met Kristen Feola who was taping the next show, and we realized we had the same publicist and I had just looked at her page the day before! She was a sweetie.

Then we raced out of there to make it down to WMMV, a radio station south of Atlanta who has been so supportive of my music and ministry. I taped an interview about my new book and some liners for the station and got caught up on their ministry. They are such sweet guys with great hearts for the Lord!

The next morning we got up very early and drove to Toccoa Falls, which is up in the mountains Northeast of Atlanta to do the morning show on WRAF, another radio station who has been really supportive for years. I’ve been there before as well, and it was great to see Mike Shelley again and sit in with him on the show! He posted our interview here if you’d like to listen.

Then it was back to drop Donna off (she stayed in Atlanta a bit longer) and I headed for the airport. That is quite a hoopla there with returning cars, etc. Jeesh. But I made it to Tampa, and went to my Grandma’s house. It’s fun that I sing in the Tampa area so much because I get to see a lot more of my Grandma! She rocks. She’s 93 and still riding her bike. My mom had flown down a few days earlier and was helping me that weekend and my uncle lives there too, so we had a little reunion going on. 🙂

The next morning I went and sound checked at First Presbyterian in St. Pete where I had a women’s retreat the next day and then we drove down to Venice. I did a concert there Friday night, and that was so fun. Before the concert, I met with some women who wanted to talk to me about a women’s retreat the following winter, and so we got to see a little more of Venice as well. I’ve never been there. That night, the concert was at the church of an old friend who had moved to Florida from my home church, so it was also great to catch up with her and meet her kids.

Then mom and I drove back to St. Pete and stayed there so we could get up early for the women’s retreat. I taught Esther, which I love, and led the worship, and it was just a special day. Great women, and so excited to study the Word! We also just loved getting to know Marie Huber, the coordinator. She did a beautiful job.

The next morning I went back to that church again and sang special music on their services and told a story about World Vision, and then that afternoon they had a concert as well. The music director there, Tom Lippert, is such a sweet guy, and I have truly loved getting to know everyone I’ve met at this church – they’re just lovely.

Finally, we went back to Grandma’s and Monday morning got up early again to be on the morning show at Moody Radio Florida. I’ve been here before and it was great, but I hadn’t been with this morning host, Kate Bruington before. We just loved her. She and I did an interview about the new book and Thailand and the ministry, and when we were done she said she wants to have me back in the next couple months to do a full interview on the book, and also talked to my mom about doing an interview about hers, so that would be wonderful!

Then, we kind of crashed in a pile. 🙂 Mom and I hung out, went out to dinner with my uncle and grandma, and got up early the next morning to fly home. Busy, busy, and I can’t say I like it when the schedule is that packed, but I am also so grateful for all the opportunities to share the Lord.

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