The other Faith Covenant Church :)

Many of you know that I’m the worship pastor at Faith Covenant in Columbus, OH, but this morning, I got to sing at Faith Covenant Church in Farmington Hills, MI, just north of Detroit. How fun is that? Makes my calendar confusing, though…

I drove up yesterday, sang this morning. What a great church! I’ve been there before, and really, there are so many incredible people I’ve met there. Hey, Faith Covenant – you’re almost as cool as my fam at the other Faith Covenant. 🙂

It’s obviously deer season here, by the way. I had to drive up to Traverse City in north MI today since I have some radio visits tomorrow. Driving today, I saw 9 (count ’em, 9!!) deer, one of which was running right in front of me when I slammed on my brakes at 65 MPH. And yes, I missed him, but I think his bum was really about 2 feet from my bumper. I’m so thankful I missed him, and really, I’m guessing he feels the same way.

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