Traverse City and Gaylord, MI radio

Jennifer with Patrick Green

Jennifer with D.C. Cavendar

Today I visited a couple of radio station in northern MI – WLJN in Traverse City, and Northern Christian Radio in Gaylord. I met up with D.C. Cavendar in Traverse City, and we had a great time sharing our walks with the Lord – we have a lot in common! Then we recorded an interview and took some pictures and I headed up north. Had a little more trouble finding the station in Gaylord, but thanks to nice police people and tall radio towers, I tracked them down. Chatted with Patrick Green, and then the kind people there helped me fix my phone (oddly, when your phone freaks out, you can’t call your husband to ask how to fix it!!).

Headed out after that to drive to Louisville, KY. I need to be in Nashville tomorrow morning, and I couldn’t make it all the way there from MI, but this is a good start. 🙂

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