Vocals in Nashville

Well, this week has been frustrating and fun at the same time. We’ve been doing vocals for the new tracks, and I spent 4 solid days singing and then drove home again. There’s a lot of down time, so it’s not like I sing for 12 hours at a time, but it’s a long time to concentrate. BUT!! I love how the songs are coming – I really cannot wait to share them. I know I’ve said that before, but I mean it! I love what God has given us to say on this album, and I can’t wait to get it out there!

I’ll be back down here in a couple of weeks to do the string session, and there’s still percussion and backing vocals and mixing and mastering, but it’s definitely taking shape, and I’m so excited to hear the final product!

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  1. Lisa Troyer says:

    Hi Jennifer,

    I'm Lisa Troyer and I was working w/Paul in July. It's a mellow place to cut vocals. I've done sessions in some of the rooms there in town over the years and enjoyed hanging at the house and w/the pooches.
    : ) Praying that the LORD blesses your project. Sounds like you're doing a big budget project w/strings. I'm sure it'll be great….my project is a worship companion to a book published by Moody – I work for them at WCRF in Cleveland. It's been fun working w/Paul and Wendell. Great for us Midwestern chicks.

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