Christmas Outreach

Presenting Emmanuel, God With Us at Grace Church Powell

Today was a really fun day, even if I had to wake up too early! This morning I did a women’s Christmas brunch outreach event for Grace Church of Powell. There were a couple of reasons why it was such a fun event for me.

1. Outreach event. I absolutely love these. They estimated that less than a third of the women there went to their church. I love their hearts in this! And I love sharing the Gospel.

2. Event for Grace Powell. I did an event for them last year as well, and I’ve always worked with different women, and I’ve been absolutely impressed with every one. They are just a solid group of women who love the Lord!

3. In Powell, OH. Powell is about 15-20 minutes north of my house. Yes, this reason is shallow. But come on! I’ve been across the planet it seems this fall, and getting up in the morning (granted, too early, but still!) in my own house and doing an event and then leaving to come back to MY OWN HOUSE was just awesome! I’ve really been missing my kiddos this fall, so it was fun. I told my son I had an event and he sighed and said, “okay, when will you get back?” and I was able to say, “Oh, after lunch.” He thought it was great.

It was just a joy to be with them. I presented a program called, “Emmanuel, God With Us.” Love doing that program, love sharing the Lord, and loved being with the women. You’re probably picking up a theme here. It was a good day. 🙂

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