Home for Christmas

Speaking on Home for Christmas

My amazing support team, my mom, Donna, and Patti

Singing at Worthington Christian Church

This has been a pretty crazy week. My husband, Nathan, has been in California all week for work so I’ve been single parenting, and it seems like everyone was so worried about it getting busy close to Christmas that they scheduled everything now, so we’ve been running. Just today my kids had an archery tournament an hour away, a choir concert, and a piano recital. It’s nice to sit down.

Last night, I did an event I’ve been looking forward to for quite a while. It was at Worthington Christian Church, also in my hometown which was fun. They have an annual women’s Christmas program with a lovely dinner beforehand. I presented “Home for Christmas”, and had a great time with them.

I talked about that phrase “home is where the heart is” and what the Bible says about where our hearts should be. Matt. 6:21 tells us that where our treasure is, our heart will also be. What are you treasuring this Christmas? When we treasure things that can never satisfy like the stuff we want for Christmas, or the perfection we wish we saw in our families, or having the most amazing Christmas decorations so we can look great for our neighbors, we will never have that sense of belonging and peace. But when we fix our hearts on the gift of Jesus to the world this Christmas, when we make Him our treasure, we are home.

So what are you treasuring? As you go through this Christmas season, don’t lose sight of the reason we celebrate. Because Jesus came, because He was the greatest gift ever given, we are able to be home for Christmas.

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