"The Rock" at WECC

The opening worship band at “The Rock”, WECC

Tonight I went and did the live radio show, “The Rock” at WECC (The Lighthouse) in St Marys, GA. It’s a really cool idea. It’s a live youth concert for about 100 teens that WECC broadcasts live. Most of the kids who were there were not church kids, and it definitely felt more like a rock concert than a youth night. What a cool outreach!

I was talking with one of the leaders who runs the house worship band, and he was telling me how many of the kids come to him and don’t know how to play anything at all. He teaches them an instrument, and about doing worship, and gets them plugged in. With my background in youth ministries, I was really impressed by the way they were thinking outside the box, and reaching a lot of kids for Christ. Way to go!

Did the show, loved the kids, and I’m going to bed – have a long drive tomorrow to get up to Atlanta before a taping.


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