Tapings at WATC TV, Atlanta, GA

Mom on the couch on “Right Now!”

Me with Jennifer Schuchmann at WATC TV, Atlanta, GA

Mom and I were up early, and drove about 6 hours to north Atlanta to tape a couple of shows for WATC TV. Mom started – she did an interview for the show “Right Now” with Jennifer Schuchmann about her book. She did a great job, and I’m so proud to see how God is using her!

After mom’s interview, I also taped an episode of “Right Now” with Jennifer, and then we taped several songs for the show which will also to be used on another show “Atlanta Live!” God has really been so good to us both – I never get nervous to sing anywhere, or to speak, but for some reason, TV used to make me really nervous. Neither of us has been nervous for any of these tapings, and we take it as a real answer to prayer. Thank you, God!

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