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Nothing to Fear (CD) - buy two, save $5 and get a FREE CHRISTMAS CD CARD $30 $25
10 copies of Christmas is Forever (CD cards) - 40% off!  $50 $30

Accompaniment Tracks

The following songs are available as track MP3s that include the full instrumental background and all backing vocals for the radio versions of Jennifer's songs. Please see the Albums tab above for more details on the songs themselves, including lyrics, preview clips, etc. Please feel free to Contact Us if track versions of other songs would be useful.
All God's Children  $5.00
God Loved the World  $5.00
How Far Love Goes  $5.00
Life Not Typical  $5.00
Promised Land  $5.00
Shine On Us  $5.00
Someday  $5.00
To Be Love  $5.00
To Your Glory  $5.00
Until the Day of Christ  $5.00
You Are Glorious  $5.00
Your Child  $5.00
Your Great Name  $5.00