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God is Amazing!

Friday, May 1st, 2009

Well, we’re seriously freaking out now since we’re leaving tomorrow for our UK/Kenya tour, but I couldn’t go without saying that God is amazing. He’s amazing in all kinds of ways, but when we started this whole thing, we needed to raise $10,000. I prayed right at the beginning, “God, would you mind please providing that before April 30th?” We always laugh about how I like to plan ahead, and how God likes to teach me to trust Him by not letting me.

Last week we still needed $2000. I just thought we would have to cover it somehow.

Well, money just started coming in all week, and yesterday (and yes, that’s April 29th, a whole day before April 30th for those following), we got three more checks bringing our total to $10,078.

Seriously?! God, you are great, and you have a pretty funny sense of humor too. 🙂