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Triennial XIII

Tuesday, July 27th, 2010

The women of the worship team

The keys station that I spent most of the weekend in.

Opening night

Backstage with Natalie Grant after her concert Saturday night.

Triennial was this past weekend, and it was a wonderful time. I don’t really remember when I’ve ever been this tired, but it was exhilarating to watch God work! I got to D.C. on Wednesday, had a tough time checking in, and then dove in head first – I think I slept 15 hours from Wednesday to Sunday.

We were leading worship with a team of eight women from all over the country. I was on vocals and keys. Also, several of us were featured on different worship services, so I got to share a sneak peak of the new video on Friday morning’s service, and share some of my own music Friday night which was a blessing.

There were women there from all over the world, and I was especially touched to talk with many of them and hear about the challenges they face as Christians in their home countries. Another highlight for me was just getting to know the women on my team – they are all serving God in such different places and ways and in such different circumstances, that was fun to hear about.

Difficult but rewarding. Exhausting but fun. We can sum up so much of the Christian experience this way, can’t we? Glad I’m part of the adventure.

Couple updates

Thursday, July 15th, 2010

It’s been a busy couple of weeks. We finished up the video shoot and I immediately left for Chicago for the final rehearsal for Triennial, the national women’s conference held every three years. We practiced all weekend and then led worship together at New Community Covenant Church in Chicago. It’s a great group of women, and I’m really looking forward to the conference.

We also found out this week that “God Loved the World” is on the “Inspirational on the Verge” chart on Christian Music Weekly, so that’s very cool! Keep calling those radio stations – I really appreciate it!

I also got another blog review this week – you can check it out here.

I’m leaving in a few days for Washington DC to do Triennial – we’d love your prayers!

Video shoot for “God Loved the World”

Friday, July 9th, 2010

Some of the people from our world

Some more of our world

Shooting at Hocking Hills

Me with Jeff Kubach, the director

Well, my song “God Loved the World” has had a lot going on lately. It just came out in a musical from Lifeway, and was recently released to radio nationwide where it was the most added song on the Billboard Chart! This week we shot a music video for the song. I worked with Jeff Kubach who used to work on Survivor (he has very cool stories!) and we hit it off immediately – it was a lot of fun to do the project with him.

I really was surprised by how much work this was. We had a ton of prep scouting locations and coming up with the story, actors, props. There’s a lot of planning since we shot in 6 locations over 3 days and had over 30 people to coordinate. My goal, though, was to make a video that showed visually the message of the song, and I’m really excited to see it come together. I can’t wait to see how God will use it.

We are exhausted, though! The first day was so crazy (shooting for 15 hours straight!) with so many people to coordinate that I totally forgot to take pictures – that is very unlike me. Jeff took 2 just to remember an order for shots out of sequence, and that’s all we have until the last day. Bummer! I guess you’ll all just have to watch the video to see where we were. 🙂

“God Loved the World” in Christmas musical

Saturday, July 3rd, 2010

My song, God Loved the World, has been included in a new Christmas musical from Lifeway – I’m very excited about this! It’s interesting to hear your song interpreted in a new way. Philip Keveren did the arrangement, and it’s a choral version. You can check it out and hear a sample here.