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Help us Bring Noah Home

Wednesday, January 20th, 2016

We so appreciate your prayers, and many people have asked us how they can help! Here are several ways:

If you’re in the Columbus, OH area, come to one of these events, bring your friends, and like and share them!

Feb. 4th at 7 pm at Encounter Church in Dublin, I will be doing a one-night women’s conference called “Adopted” with my good friend and Abingdon Women speaker, Melissa Spoelstra. All proceeds go to support Noah’s adoption and medical expenses. All the info can be found here!

Feb. 20th at 7 pm at Bethel Church in Columbus, I will be doing a family concert that is open to all. All proceeds go to support Noah’s adoption and medical expenses. All the info for that one can be found here!

If you’re not in the Columbus area, you can make a donation to Noah’s adoption and medical expense through PayPal on our contact us page here. If you scroll down a bit to the section that says “Support Jennifer’s Ministry,” you will see the PayPal link and you can leave us a note that it’s for Noah.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your help!

Year of the Precious Dragon

Friday, January 1st, 2016
We got some updated pictures of our precious dragon - he looks so grown up!

We got some updated pictures of our precious dragon – he looks so grown up!

Okay, I know that this year is technically the year of the monkey (and if we’re getting super technical, Chinese New Year isn’t until Feb. 8), but since I don’t believe in the Chinese zodiac anyway and I’m in the US and today is our New Year’s, I’m changing the name! For our family, at least, this is the Year of the Dragon. Year of the Precious Dragon, to be precise. 🙂

We haven’t been allowed to release our new son, Noah’s, Chinese name, but I can tell you that it translates to “precious dragon.” What I love about this so much is that dragons are the symbol of China. Our son was abandoned because of his heart condition. No one adopted him because of his heart condition. Special needs children are often abandoned in Chinese society because of the pressures of the One Child Policy. He was not precious in the eyes of China. But to us, he is precious. And to God, he is priceless. God’s love for this boy is unmatched, and I love that his name reminds me that he is precious, and he is from China. He is our precious dragon! His Chinese name will legally become his middle name and Noah will be his first name, but if he wants us to use his Chinese name, we will – we do not want him to lose such an important piece of his identity.

We are likely leaving in six or eight weeks. He will stay with us the entire three weeks we’re in China completing all the paperwork to finalize his adoption and immigration to the US. I can’t wait to meet him!

Here’s a quick overview of our trip:

Day 1-2 Travel via Beijing to the capital of Noah’s province in northern China
Day 3 Meet Noah!
Day 4 Adopt Noah! Apply for his passport.
Day 5-14 Waiting for the passport, so we will do some traveling both to Noah’s hometown and in Beijing to understand more of his history and Chinese culture.
Day 15-19 Fly down to Guangzhou in southern China for Noah’s medical clearance, visa process, and immigration process.
Day 20 or 21 Bring Noah home. 🙂